THE GREAT SLUMP OF 1930 – Keynes

Superestimar excessivamente um problema é tão inadequado quanto subestimá-lo com todas as forças. Ele permanecerá malcompreendido e insolúvel enquanto agarrarmo-nos numa das beiradas somente.

“embora ninguém vá acreditar, economia é um assunto técnico e difícil. Está, pasme, se tornando uma ciência.”

“In the three leading industrial countries of the world—the United States, Great Britain, and Germany—10,000,000 workers stand idle.”

A bolha estourou e ela não estava inflada.

Hora de pegar na enxada

Mesmo de ressaca

E a cabeça inchada

Vida, vida, essa má-drasta

Reação em cadeia

Cadê a reação?

Só vejo a cadeia.

RALI DOS WASTELANDS – O último a sair queime o fusível e o último galão de combustível

“if we were to settle down to the pre-war level of prices, the British National Debt would be nearly 40% greater than it was in 1924 and double what it was in 1920; the Young Plan would weigh on Germany much more heavily than the Dawes Plan, which it was agreed she could not support; the indebtedness to the United States of her associates in the Great War would represent 40-50% more goods and services than at the date when the settlements were made; the obligations of such debtor countries as those of South America and Australia would become insupportable without a reduction of their standard of life for the benefit of their creditors; agriculturists and householders throughout the world, who have borrowed on mortgage[*], would find themselves the victims of their creditors. In such a situation it must be doubtful whether the necessary adjustments could be made in time to prevent a series of bankruptcies, defaults, and repudiations which would shake the capitalist order to its foundations. Here would be a fertile soil for agitation, seditions, and revolution. It is so already in many quarters of the world. Yet, all the time, the resources of nature and men’s devices would be just as fertile and productive as they were. The machine would merely have been jammed as the result of a muddle. But because we have magneto trouble, we need not assume that we shall soon be back in a rumbling waggon and that motoring is over.”

[*] hipoteca

DR. DECLÍNIO: “It is not true that what the business men pay out as costs of production necessarily comes back to them as the sale-proceeds of what they produce. It is the characteristic of a boom that their sale-proceeds exceed their costs; and it is the characteristic of a slump that their costs exceed their sale-proceeds. Moreover, it is a delusion to suppose that they can necessarily restore equilibrium by reducing their total costs, whether it be by restricting their output or cutting rates of remuneration; for the reduction of their outgoings may, by reducing the purchasing power of the earners who are also their customers, diminish their sale-proceeds by a nearly equal amount.”

Uma fuga para a música é sua reafirmação, lembrem-se!


Não vendamos a Lua

Mas vendamos para a Lua

Onde não há ninguém

Ou seja, onde não há

os que não compram


Os comunistas

“By the middle of 1929 new capital undertakings were already on an inadequate scale in the world as a whole, outside the United States. The culminating blow has been the collapse of new investment inside the United States, which today is probably 20 to 30% less than it was in 1928.”

“no one can take the first step except the central banking authorities of the chief creditor countries (…) And even if France [A França não é tão rica quanto a Alemanha, mas tinha muito mais condições de agir internacionalmente? Que tal vender mais bazucas para incinerar a Alemanha (digo, para os alemães se auto-destruírem)? Ou quem sabe fazer com que eles incinerassem a própria Torre Eiffel logo depois… É o capitalismo, idiota!], hugging the supposed security of gold, prefers to stand aside from the adventure of creating new wealth, I am convinced that Great Britain and the United States, like-minded and acting together, could start the machine again within a reasonable time”


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