“An extract from the translation of the Bible as revealed to Joseph Smith the Prophet, June  1830–February 1831.”


Deus descobriu os Ameríndios matadores de Serpentes!


“no man can behold all my glory, and afterwards remain in the flesh on the earth.” “And I have a work for thee, Moses, my son; and thou art in the similitude of mine Only Begotten; and mine Only Begotten is and shall be the Savior, for he is full of grace and truth; but there is no God beside me, and all things are present with me, for I know them all. And it came to pass that Moses looked, and beheld the world upon which he was created; and Moses beheld the world and the ends thereof, and all the children of men which are, and which were created; of the same he greatly marveled and wondered.”


“for God said unto me: Worship God, for him only shalt thou serve.”



“And now of this thing Moses bore record; but because of wickedness it is not had among the children of men.”


“And calling upon the name of God, he beheld his glory again, for it was upon him; and he heard a voice, saying: Blessed art thou, Moses, for I, the Almighty, have chosen thee, and thou shalt be made stronger than many waters; for they shall obey thy command as if thou wert God. And it came to pass, as the voice was still speaking, Moses cast his eyes and beheld the earth, yea, even all of it; and there was not a particle of it which he did not behold, discerning it by the Spirit of God.”


“And he beheld also the inhabitants thereof, and there was not a soul which he beheld not; and he discerned them by the Spirit of God; and their numbers were great, even numberless as the sand upon the sea shore. And he beheld many lands; and each land was called earth, and there were inhabitants on the face thereof.”


“And the first man of all men have I called Adam, which is many.”


“But only an account of this earth, and the inhabitants thereof, give I unto you. For behold, there are many worlds that have passed away by the word of my power. And there are many that now stand, and innumerable are they unto man; but all things are numbered unto me, for they are mine and I know them.”


“there is no end to my works, neither to my words.”


“And I divided the waters, yea, the great waters under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament”


“Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and it was so; and I, God, said: Let there be dry land; and it was so.”


“And I, God, called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters, called I the Sea; and I, God, saw that all things which I had made were good.”


“Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree in the which shall be the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.”


“And I, the Lord God, planted a garden eastward in Eden, and there I put the man whom I had formed.”




“and man saw that it was good for food” You know that I should!


“she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of man.”



bef. 900;  Middle English womman, wimman, Old English wīfman, equivalent to wīf female + man human being”




bef. 900; Middle English, Old English wīf woman; cognate with Dutch wijf, German Weib, Old Norse vīf ”




bef. 900; (noun, nominal) Middle English; Old English man(n); cognate with German Mann, Dutch man, Old Norse mathr, Gothic manna; (verb, verbal) Middle English mannen, Old English mannian to garrison [meio militar]


“CHAPTER IV (…) How Satan became the devil”


“he came before me, saying—Behold, here am I, send me, I will be thy son, and I will redeem all mankind, that one soul shall not be lost, and surely I will do it; wherefore give me thine honor.”


did eat the diet


“So I drove out the man, and I placed at the east of the Garden of Eden, cherubim and a flaming sword, which turned every way to keep the way of the tree of life.”


“And from that time forth, the sons and daughters of Adam began to divide two and two in the land, and to till the land, and to tend flocks, and they also begat sons and daughters.”


O Pastor & O Escavador


“And it came to pass that Cain took one of his brothers’ daughters to wife, and they loved Satan more than God.”


“Truly I am Mahan, the master of this great secret, that I may murder and get gain. Wherefore Cain was called Master Mahan, and he gloried in his wickedness.”


“And the Lord said unto Cain: Where is Abel, thy brother? And he said: I know not. Am I my brother’s keeper?” O PRIMEIRO LATROCÍNIO DA HISTÓRIA


“And Cain said unto the Lord: Satan tempted me because of my brother’s flocks. And I was wroth also; for his offering thou didst accept and not mine; my punishment is greater than I can bear.” E chora o Caim arrependido: “…and I shall be a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth; and it shall come to pass, that he that findeth me will slay me, because of mine iniquities”


“And I the Lord said unto him: Whosoever slayeth thee, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold. And I the Lord set a mark upon Cain, lest any finding him should kill him. And Cain was shut out from the presence of the Lord, and with his wife and many of his brethren dwelt in the land of Nod, on the east of Eden. And Cain knew his wife, and she conceived and bare Enoch, and he also begat many sons and daughters. And he builded a city, and he called the name of the city after the name of his son, Enoch. And unto Enoch was born Irad, and other sons and daughters. And Irad begat Mahujael, and other sons and daughters. And Mahujael begat Methusael, and other sons and daughters. And Methusael begat Lamech. And Lamech took unto himself two wives; the name of one being Adah, and the name of the other, Zillah. [// Gên. 4:19]”


Do you know your Wife? Why? Fuck!

Do you know the passcode for your wifi?


Jabel & Jubal

Os irmãos que deram origem a tribos de pastores e dos primeiros músicos, respectivamente.


Tubal Cain, filho de Zillah, foi um artífice, ferreiro pioneiro. The Man in Black?


“And Lamech said unto his wives, Adah and Zillah: I have slain a man to my wounding, and a young man to my hurt.”


Moisés 5:48 é Gên. 4:24. Cf.


“For Lamech having entered into a covenant with Satan, after the manner of Cain, wherein he became Master Mahan, master of that great secret which was administered unto Cain by Satan; and Irad, the son of Enoch, having known their secret, began to reveal it unto the sons of Adam; Wherefore Lamech, being angry, slew him, not like unto Cain, his brother Abel, for the sake of getting gain, but he slew him for the oath’s sake.” O PRIMEIRO HOMICÍDIO PSICOPATA-MESSIÂNICO DA HISTÓRIA


GENEALOGIA DA MÁFIA OU COSANOSTRA: “and their works were abominations, and began to spread among all the sons of men. And it was among the sons of men. And among the daughters of men these things were not spoken, because that Lamech had spoken the secret unto his wives, and they rebelled against him, and declared these things abroad, and had not compassion; Wherefore Lamech was despised, and cast out, and came not among the sons of men, lest he should die. [5:55] And thus the works of darkness began to prevail among all the sons of men.”


“him whom he declared should come in the meridian of time”


“And Adam knew his wife again, and she bare a son, and he called his name Seth.” O TRONCO DA VERDADE: “God hath appointed me another seed”


“And a book of remembrance was kept, in the which was recorded, in the language of Adam, for it was given unto as many as called upon God to write by the spirit of inspiration; And by them their children were taught to read and write, having a language which was pure and undefiled.”


PASTICHE INSANO: “Now this prophecy Adam spake, as he was moved upon by the Holy Ghost, and a genealogy was kept of the children of God. And this was the book of the generations of Adam, saying: In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God made he him”


Uma subtração irrisória de 8 séculos: “And Adam lived one hundred and thirty years, and begat a son in his own likeness, after his own image, and called his name Seth.” OPS… “And the days of Adam, after he had begotten Seth, were eight hundred years, and he begat many sons and daughters”


“Seth lived 105, and begat Enos, and prophesied in all his days, and taught his son Enos in the ways of God; wherefore Enos prophesied also. And Seth lived, after he begat Enos, 807 [800 e ele mesmo], and begat many sons and daughters.”


“And in those days Satan had great dominion among men, and raged in their hearts; and from thenceforth came wars and bloodshed; and a man’s hand was against his own brother, in administering death, because of secret works, seeking for power.”


Enos gera o homenageado Canaã. Canaã é o bisavô de outro Enoch, sem relação com o primeiro descrito. Enoque pai de Matusalém. Lá do tempo da feitoria da bota de Judas!


“And when Enoch had heard these words, he bowed himself to the earth, before the Lord, and spake before the Lord, saying: Why is it that I have found favor in thy sight, and am but a lad, and all the people hate me; for I am slow of speech; wherefore am I thy servant?” “And the Lord spake unto Enoch, and said unto him: Anoint thine eyes with clay, and wash them, and thou shalt see. And he did so. And he beheld the spirits that God had created; and he beheld also things which were not visible to the natural eye; and from thenceforth came the saying abroad in the land: A seer hath the Lord raised up unto his people.


And our father Adam spake unto the Lord, and said: Why is it that men must repent and be baptized in water? And the Lord said unto Adam: Behold I have forgiven thee thy transgression in the Garden of Eden.”


“for, in the language of Adam, Man of Holiness is his name, and the name of his Only Begotten is the Son of Man, even Jesus Christ, a righteous Judge, who shall come in the meridian of time.”


SEREI EU SEREIO? “For by the water ye keep the commandment; by the Spirit ye are justified, and by the blood ye are sanctified”


“There also came up a land out of the depth of the sea, and so great was the fear of the enemies of the people of God, that they fled and stood afar off and went upon the land which came up out of the depth of the sea. And the giants of the land, also, stood afar off”


“And the Lord called his people ZION, because they were of one heart and one mind, and dwelt in righteousness” “Zion, in process of time, was taken up into heaven.”


Traços de racismo primitivo: “…and there was a blackness [that] came upon all the children of Canaan, that they were despised among all people.” “the seed of Cain were black, and had not place among them.”


“And Enoch said unto the Lord: How is it that thou canst weep, seeing thou art holy, and from all eternity to all eternity?” “and in my hot displeasure will I send in the floods upon them, for my fierce anger is kindled against them.” “and among all the workmanship of mine hands there has not been so great wickedness as among thy brethren.”




A salvação é temporal

Inundou, inundou o peito

Umedeceu os órgãos vasos secos

Marejou olhos peso foi

embora muita coisa permanecesse

uma ponta de montanha

e de arrependimento

Pouco sobrou e com esse pouco

tudo devia ser refeito

Noé Noé não importa

não é importante

importante é sua mulher

suas filhas irmãs e cunhadas

toda essa comunhão

Força inesperada


do Coração


* * *


Oh my God


Moroso sedoso Cabelo de Trevas

Puxa o xampu do Hades

Fragrância caliente

Bafo vaporoso

Cuidado com o bode

Aspira em seu cangote

Se tem estaca

não no teu seio



* * *


“and it came to pass that Zion was not, for God received it up into his own bosom; and from thence went forth the saying, Zion is Fled.”


“And in those days there were giants on the earth, and they sought Noah to take away his life; but the Lord was with Noah, and the power of the Lord was upon him.”


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