SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE: A question of memory – Dale McCulley, Journal of Psychology and Theology, 1994.

Traumatic amnesia, described in the DSM-III-R as psychogenic amnesia, is a phenomenon which has been known to mental health professionals for more than 100 years. The clinically observed characteristics of traumatic memory formation and retrieval match precisely the patterns of memory recovery exhibited by SRA [satanic ritual abuse] survivors, and strongly confirm the reality of their cult abuse.”

Some patients claiming abuse or SRA are most accurately viewed as having other goals besides healing, falling into diagnostic classifications of Munchausen syndrome, Factitious Disorder or other kinds of pseudovictims, or victims of folie à deux or delusional systems. Some are consciously exaggerating, fabricating, and malingering” Martha Rogers

The basic premise upon which all of these authors found their observations and hypotheses represents purely a leap of faith rather than a scientific inquiry” George Ganaway

The question is, rather: to what degree do these vividly reenacted experiences represent purely factual accounts of multigenerational cult activities with actual human sacrifices as described, versus fantasy and/or illusion borrowing its core material from literature, movies, TV, other patients’ accounts or unintentional therapist suggestion?”

Ralph Underwager and Hollida Wakefield (1992) state that the only data that can be offered for the reality of a worldwide satanic conspiracy are ‘unsubstantiated verbal reports by people who claim to have had personal experience, often through recovered memories in the course of therapy, and some claims elicited from children in multi-victim and multi-perpetrator sexual abuse allegations.’

Passentino and Passentino (1992) evince a similar level of discredence when they note that <…the fact that more and more people are ‘recovering repressed memories’ of SRA doesn’t necessarily lead to a conclusion that SRA sensationalism is true.>

PSICÓLOGO É TUDO DOENTE, IMAGINA PSICÓLOGO PADRECO! “It seems more than coincidental, then, that 4 of the doubters in the Special Issue are past or present members of the advisory board of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF), which was formed shortly before the JPT issue was published, and which has been vigorously propounding the proposition that many memories of childhood abuse have been implanted in the minds of suggestible clients by incompetent or malign therapists. Dr. Underwager, who played a leading role in the formation of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, has since resigned following the publication of an interview with him and his wife, Hollida Wakefield, in the Journal of Paedophilia (Underwager & Wakefield, 1993). Underwager takes a remarkably sanguine attitude toward paedophilia stating, <I am also a theologian, and as a theologian I believe it is God’s will that there be closeness and intimacy, unity of the flesh, between people. A paedophile can say: ‘This closeness is possible for me within the choices that I’ve made’> (p. 4). He later affirms that <With boldness they can say, ‘I believe this in fact part of God’s will’> (Underwager & Wakefield, 1993, p. 4).”

NICE FANFIC! “But when we speak of the ritual abuse of children, we are not talking about normal events. Reports by both children and adult survivors commonly deal with rape—vaginal, anal, and oral; with the penetration of body orifices by lighted candles and sharp instruments; with every type of torture, including protracted electric shock; with animal and human sacrifice; with ritual cannibalism.”

A Viet Nam (sic) veteran viewing Platoon, for example, may find himself back in a rice paddy trying to evade enemy fire.” Comparação esdrúxula, mas valeu a tentativa!

They hear again the Enochian chant, punctuated by the screams of victims, rising in the night air. They glimpse the flickering candles and the fearsome circle of hooded, black-robed cultists. Their bodies feel the thrusting knife and searing flame. Blisters and scars sometimes reappear, and fresh blood may flow from tissues ravaged long ago.” O que me deixa mais indignado é fantasiar em cima de assunto sério (estresse pós-traumático)! Essas vítimas claramente foram sexual e fisicamente abusadas e torturadas, mas são todas de famílias cristãs fanáticas.

The most significant finding was that 38% of the women in the sample reported no recollection of the index event, even though it was firmly documented by hospital records. In response to the concern that some women simply were too embarrassed to disclose the assault, Dr. Williams points out that of the women who did not recall the abusive incident, 68% told the interviewer about other sexual assaults.” Curioso como ‘Satã’ ou ‘Enoque’ prefere mulheres num ritual que deveria ser indiferente ao gênero…

Equally significant is the fact that in a subsample of 23 women who had recorded medical evidence of genital trauma, and who also received the highest credibility rating by the interviewer, 52% did not recall the abuse.” E onde está a evidência satânica?

Another study, cited by Lenore Terr (1994), was conducted in Holland by Nel Draijer, who interviewed a random sample of more than a thousand Dutch women. One in six reported coerced sex with household members in childhood, and many had experienced years of psychogenic amnesia, until the memories were retrieved in adulthood.”