The Second Treatise of the Great Seth (J.C.)

“But he went on to say, <Who is man?> And the entire host of his angels, who had seen Adam and his dwelling, were laughing at his smallness.”

“I was about to succumb to fear, and I <suffered> according to their sight and thought, in order that they may never find any word to speak about them. For my death, which they think happened, happened to them in their error and blindness, since they nailed their man unto their death.”

“It was another, their father, who drank the gall and the vinegar; it was not I. They struck me with the reed; it was another, Simon, who bore the cross on his shoulder. I was another upon whom they placed the crown of thorns.” “Foi outro, um ascendente deles, que bebeu do fel e do vinagre; não era eu. Eles me chicotearam; era outro, Simão, quem carregou a cruz nos ombros. Eu era outro que não em quem colocaram a coroa de espinhos.”

“For that which is not theirs and that which is theirs they use fearlessly and freely. They do not desire, because they have authority, and a law from themselves over whatever they will wish.”

“But everyone who brings division – and he will learn no wisdom at all because he brings division and is not a friend – is hostile to them all. But he who lives in harmony and friendship of brotherly love, naturally and not artificially, completely and not partially, this person is truly the desire of the Father. He is the universal one and perfect love.” “Mas todo aquele que traz divisão – e ele nada conhecerá porque traz divisão e não é um amigo – é hostil a todos eles. Mas aquele que vive em harmonia e amizade de amor fraternal, naturalmente e não artificiosamente, completa e não parcialmente, esse é verdadeiramente o desejo do Pai. Ele é O universal e o amor perfeito.”

“For Adam was a laughingstock, since he was made a counterfeit type of man by the Hebdomad, as if he had become stronger than I and my brothers. We are innocent with respect to him, since we have not sinned. And Abraham and Isaac and Jacob were a laughingstock, since they, the counterfeit fathers, were given a name by the Hebdomad, as if he had become stronger than I and my brothers. We are innocent with respect to him, since we have not sinned. David was a laughingstock in that his son was named the Son of Man, having been influenced by the Hebdomad, as if he had become stronger than I and the fellow members of my race. But we are innocent with respect to him; we have not sinned. Solomon was a laughingstock, since he thought that he was Christ, having become vain through the Hebdomad, as if he had become stronger than I and my brothers. But we are innocent with respect to him. I have not sinned. The 12 prophets were laughingstocks, since they have come forth as imitations of the true prophets. They came into being as counterfeits through the Hebdomad, as if he had become stronger than I and my brothers. But we are innocent with respect to him, since we have not sinned. Moses, a faithful servant, was a laughingstock, having been named <the Friend,> since they perversely bore witness concerning him who never knew me. Neither he nor those before him, from Adam to Moses and John the Baptist, none of them knew me nor my brothers.

“You do not know it, because the fleshly cloud overshadows you. But I alone am the friend of Sophia.”



O “Apocalipse” de Moisés

Ap. Mos. 1:1-3: “This is the story of Adam and Eve after they had gone out of Paradise [talvez tudo que veio depois disso seja o verdadeiro Apocalipse!]. And Adam knew his wife Eve and went upwards to the sun-rising [por que o homem está associado ao Oriente, ao Leste?] and abode there 18 years and 2 months [nascimento da convenção da maioridade?]. And Eve conceived and bare two sons; Adiaphotos, who is called Cain and Amilabes who is called Abel.”

But grieve not, for I will give thee another son in his stead”


9 – 3 = 6

3 algarismos


Descoberta do Eterno Retorno pouco depois de 1860, data do nascimento do Terceiro Adão Metafórico. Mais um ciclo humano-sobre-humano.

16 anos e 6 meses: o auge do orgulho?

troubled pain

Um homem morre pela árvore

dedos amputados

a Hora está chegando!

not the second coming (cumming), but the first of the deaths

And the hour drew nigh for the angels who were guarding your mother to go up and worship the Lord, and I was far from her, and the enemy knew that she was alone and gave to her, and she ate of the tree of which she had been told not to eat” É necessário que o Pai se ausente. Deus existe, ou seja, estamos sós.

Adão tinha uma câmera escondida no prepúcio. Primeira pegadinha dominical de todos os tempos.

72 sentimentos de pena

Átlas segura o mundo mas sou eu que tenho terra na cabeça.

Casa da árvore é um problema edipiano.

How was thy mouth opened? How were thy teeth made strong? How didst thou not call to mind thy subjection?” Evengativa

I’m waiting for your wailing

Call all our children and our children’s children and tell them the manner of our transgression.” Nunca pergunte aos pais de seus pecados passados…

Snake, rise up!

Estou possuído pelo Desejo

Fear not, only be my vessel and I will speak through thy mouth words to deceive him.” Cobra com língua é pior que cobra com asa

Já voamos e voamos muito

I have changed my mind and I will not give thee to eat until thou swear to me to give also to thy husband.”

he went and poured upon the fruit the poison of his wickedness, which is lust, the root and beginning of every sin, and he bent the branch on the earth and I took of the fruit and I ate.” Eva traiu Adão, pulou a cerca da vida doméstica que era um Paraíso. Sonho de Verão

Satã o Eunuco Pervertido

And I began to seek, in my nakedness, in my part for leaves to hide my shame, but I found none, for, as soon as I had eaten, the leaves showered down from all the trees in my part, except the fig tree only. But I took leaves from it and made for myself a girdle and it was from the very same plant of which I had eaten.” The fig leaf

For, when he came, I opened my mouth and the devil was speaking, and I began to exhort him and said, <Come hither, my lord Adam, hearken to me and eat of the fruit of the tree of which God told us not to eat of it, and thou shalt be as a God.>” For a few seconds.

There shall not be left thee ear nor wing, nor one limb of all that with which thou didst ensnare them in thy malice and causedst them to be cast out of paradise”

35:4: “<But who are the two negroes who stand by at the prayers for thy father Adam?>”

36:1-3: “And Seth telleth his mother, that they are the sun and moon and themselves fall down and pray on behalf of my father Adam. Eve saith to him: <And where is their light and why have they taken on such a black appearance?> And Seth answereth her, <The light hath not left them, but they cannot shine before the Light of the Universe, the Father of Light; and on this account their light hath been hidden from them.>”

And he stayed there 3 hours, lying down, and thereafter the Father of all, sitting on his holy throne stretched out his hand, and took Adam and handed him over to the archangel Michael saying: <Lift him up into Paradise unto the 3rd Heaven, and leave him there until that fearful day of my reckoning, which I will make in the world.>”

wicked Cain took great pains to conceal but could not, for the earth would not receive Abel for the body sprang up from the earth and a voice went out of the earth saying: <I will not receive a companion body, till the earth which was taken and fashioned in me cometh to me.>”


From R.H. Charles – The Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament, Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1913.

* * *

Anjos também comem.

O Homem é a única Imagem de Deus que deve ser venerada.

Veneno Irado

And Eve said to Adam: <Wilt thou slay me? that I may die, and perchance God the Lord will bring thee into paradise, for on my account hast thou been driven thence.>”

And 18 days passed by; then Satan was wroth and transformed himself into the brightness of angels, and went away to the river Tigris to Eve, and found her weeping, and the devil himself pretended to grieve with her, and he began to weep and said to her: <Come out of the river and lament no more. Cease now from sorrow and moans. Why art thou anxious and thy husband Adam? The Lord God hath heard your groaning and hath accepted your penitence, and all we angels have entreated on your behalf, and made supplication to the Lord; and he hath sent me to bring you out of the water and give you the nourishment which you had in paradise, and for which you are crying out. Now come out of the water and I will conduct you to the place where your victual [suprimentos, víveres] hath been made ready.> But Eve heard and believed and went out of the water of the river, and her flesh was trembling like grass, from the chill of the water. And when she had gone out, she fell on the earth and the devil raised her up and led her to Adam. But when Adam had seen her and the devil with her, he wept and cried aloud and said: <O Eve, Eve, where is the labour of thy penitence? How hast thou been again ensnared by our adversary, by whose means we have been estranged from our abode in paradise and spiritual joy?> And when she heard this, Eve understood that the devil had persuaded her to go out of the river; and she fell on her face on the earth and her sorrow and groaning and wailing was redoubled. And she cried out and said: <Woe unto thee, thou devil. Why dost thou attack us for no cause? What hast thou to do with us? What have we done to thee? for thou pursuest us with craft? Or why doth thy malice assail us? Have we taken away thy glory and caused thee to be without honour? Why dost thou harry [assedia; atormenta] us, thou enemy to the death in wickedness and envy?>” E Eva era tão indigna que Satã responde sua súplica direto a Adão…

Eva uma vez

Eva uma rês

Coisa no ermo


Como uma semente

cuspida da maçã

porque quem não planta


Por que eu jamais idolatraria um Neymar (Lúcifer tem a resposta): “I will not worship an inferior and younger being. I am his senior in the Creation”

Argumentos entre Micael e Lulu: “If He be wrath with me, I will set my seat above the stars of heaven and will be like the Highest.”

Pobrezinho / nasceu desnutrido / neste mundo de ninguém: “And Eve said to Adam: <Live thou, my Lord, to thee life is granted, since thou hast committed neither the first nor the second error. But I have erred and been led astray for I have not kept the commandment of God; and now banish me from the light of thy life and I will go to the sun-setting, and there will I be, until I die.> And she began to walk towards the western parts and to mourn and to weep bitterly and groan aloud. And she made there a booth, while she had in her womb offspring of 3 months old.”

Michael stroked her on the face as far as to the breast and said to Eve: <Blessed art thou, Eve, for Adam’s sake. Since his prayers and intercessions are great, I have been sent that thou mayst receive our help. Rise up now, and prepare thee to bear [ter criança].> And she bore a son and he was shining; and at once the babe rose up and ran and bore a blade of grass in his hands, and gave it to his mother, and his name was called Cain.” “thereafter Eve conceived and bare a son, whose name was Abel; and Cain and Abel used to stay together. And Eve said to Adam: <My lord, while I slept, I saw a vision, as it were the blood of our son Abel in the hand of Cain, who was gulping it down in his mouth. Therefore I have sorrow.> and Adam said, <Alas if Cain slew Abel. Yet let us separate them from each other mutually, and let us make for each of them separate dwellings.> And they made Cain an husbandman, Abel they made a shepherd [como sempre, o preguiçoso é o mocinho da estória – vide Esaú e Jacó]”

Nonsense: “And thereafter, Cain slew Abel, but Adam was then 130 years old, but Abel was slain when he was 122. And thereafter Adam knew his wife and he begat a son and called his name Seth.”

Rafaelíticos 25:44: 7 não é 8, nem 80.

Seth-Abel 7Bells

Os sete sinos badalam ou será que é hora de umas travessuras?


Doces demais

Dia bêtes

Meses wise

And after Adam had begotten Seth, he lived 800 years and begat 30 sons and 30 daughters; in all 63 children [sem contar os 3 primogênitos, Caim, Abel e Sete]. And they were increased over the face of the earth in their nations.” Sempre com a senhora, ou será que deram um vinhozinho pra ele?

What is pain, my lord father? I am ignorant; but hide it not from us, but tell us.”

But God gave a part of paradise to me and to your mother: the trees of the eastern part and the north, which is over against Aquilo [aquilo o quê?] he gave to me, and to your mother he gave the part of the south and the western part.” “God the Lord gave us two angels to guard us. The hour came when the angels had ascended to worship in the sight of God; forthwith the adversary found an opportunity while the angels were absent and the devil led your mother astray to eat of the unlawful and forbidden tree.” “I will bring upon thy body 70 blows; with divers griefs, shalt thou be tormented, beginning at thy head and thine eyes and thine ears down to thy nails[,] on thy toes, and in every separate limb.”

The beast answered in the language of men: <Is it not against you, Eve, that our malice is directed? Are not ye the objects of our rage? (…) Tell me, Eve, how was thy mouth opened to eat of the fruit?>”

OS PORTÕES DO PARAÍSO: “But Seth and his mother walked to the regions of paradise for the oil of mercy to anoint the sick Adam: and they arrived at the gates of paradise, they took dust from the earth and placed it on their heads, and bowed themselves with their faces to the earth and began to lament and make loud moaning, imploring the Lord God to pity Adam in his pains and to send His angel to give them the oil from the <tree of His mercy>.” A baboseira da água benta.

Quando 5.500 anos tiverem-se passado, Cristo regressará para o Juízo Final.

Eve: But hearken unto me, my children. Make ye then tables of stone and others of clay, and write on them, all my life and your father’s that ye have heard and seen from us. If by water the Lord judge our race, the tables of clay will be dissolved and the tables of stone will remain; but if by fire, the tables of stone will be broken up and the tables of clay will be baked.”

she gave up the ghost”

LE PÈRE GORIOT – Honoré de Balzac

Ed. Gallimard – folio classique

13/09/15 – 27/10/15

OBS: A princípio, multiplicar francos por 20. Talvez 10.

DIC – assiette: louça

vermeil: pele; prata dourada.

brouillard: neblina

cor: trombeta; calo.

bouvier: vaqueiro

coiffeur: cabeleireiro. Mas e o Friseur?

poire: pêra; bobo.

poulet: frango; policial. Toujours un jeu de mots!

soie: seda

poêle: aquecedor; frigideira; pano mortuário.

hormis: exceto, salvo

crève: morto de cansado, um lixo

Pour quelqu’un qui n’a jamais lu une ligne de Balzac, il n’y a pas à hesiter: il faut commencer par Le Père Goriot – et enchaîner sur Illusions perdues et Splendeurs et misères des courtisanes.”

L’embonpoint blafard [pálido] de cette petite femme est le produit de cette vie, comme le typhus est la conséquence des exhalaisons d’un hôpital.”

vou ver daqui a pouco

vou ver dèjà

vou verdejar

volver y dejar

aí num dá

a inundar

le bonheur est la poésie des femmes, comme la toilette en est le fard.”

Peut-être certaines gens n’ont-ils plus rien à gagner auprès des personnes avec lesquelles ils vivent; après leur avoir montré le vide de leur âme, ils se sentent secrètement jugés par elles avec une sévérité méritée; mais, éprouvant un invincible besoin de flatteries qui leur manquent, ou dévorés par l’envie de paraître posséder les qualités qu’ils n’ont pas, ils espèrent surprendre l’estime ou le coeur de ceux qui leur sont étrangers, au risque d’en déchoir un jour. Enfin il est des individus nés mercenaires qui ne font aucun bien à leurs amis ou à leurs proches, parce qu’ils le doivent: tandis qu’en rendant servisse à des inconnus, ils en recueillent un gain d’amour-propre: plus le cercle de leurs affections est près d’eux, moins ils aiment; plus il s’étend, plus serviables ils sont.” “Talvez que algumas pessoas não tenham mais nada a ganhar entre aqueles com quem elas vivem; depois de lhes haver mostrado o vazio de suas almas sentem-se secretamente julgados por eles com uma severidade merecida; mas, sobrevindo uma invencível necessidade de lisonjas que lhes fazem falta, ou devoradas pela vontade de parecer possuir as qualidades que não têm, essa gente espera surpreender a estima ou o coração desses que lhe são estranhos, sob o risco de também vir a perdê-los um dia. Por fim, há os indivíduos nascidos mercenários que nada proporcionam de bom a seus amigos ou próximos, porque assim o devem; enquanto que prestando serviço a desconhecidos, recolhem um ganho de amor-próprio: quão mais apertado é seu círculo de afeição, menos amam; mais eles se afastam do raio desse círculo, mais se tornam submissos e abnegados.”

Ele almoçava números na loteria” significa que ele sempre apostava nos mesmos. E cada vez com mais fixação.

Cheval pur sang, femme de race, ces locutions commençaient à remplacer les anges du ciel, les figures ossianiques, toute l’ancienne mythologie amoureuse repoussée par le dandysme.”

Sur 10 nuits promises au travail par les jeunes gens, ils en donnent sept au sommeil. Il faut avoir plus de 20 ans pour veiller [velar; vigiar; focar a atenção].”

Si jamais vous fouillez des coeurs des femmes à Paris, vous y trouverez l’usurier avant l’amant.”

On a bien raison de dire qu’il n’y a rien de plus beau que frégate à la voile, cheval au galop et femme qui danse.”

Vous devenez si économe que vous finirez par trouver le moyen de vous nourrir en humant l’air de la cuisine.”

François-Joseph Gall (1758-1828), médecin allemand, inventeur de la phrénologie, science qui étudiait, d’après la forme de la boîte crânienne, la constitution des cerveau et les facultés des individus. Balzac avait été très impressioné par ce système.”

Les jeunes gens de province ignorent combien est douce la vie à trois.”

Tout le monde aujourd’hui se moque donc de moi!”

La vicomtesse était liée depuis trois ans avec un des plus célébres et des plus riches seigneurs portugais, le marquis d’Ajuda-Pinto.”

Eugène ignorait qu’on ne doit jamais se présenter chez qui que ce soit à Paris sans s’être fait conter par les amis de la maison l’histoire du mari, celle de la femme ou des enfants, afin de n’y commettre aucune de ces balourdises dont ont dit pitoresquement en Pologne: Attelez cinq boeufs à votre char!(*) sans doute pour vous tirer du mauvais pas où vous vous embourbez [se atolou].”

(*) Atai cinco bois à vossa carruagem!

Le démon du luxe le mordit au coeur, la fièvre du gain le prit, la soif de l’or lui secha la gorge.”

Quand un homme trompe, il est invinciblement forcé d’entasser mensonges sur mensonges.”

Ã? Hein? Cuma? Ouais? Ué? Ei! I! Heil. Hi. tec-TOC. TICK. Hm.

Meu apocalipse está pra trás. Agora é o Plano Marshall existencial.

L’étudiant n’étudia plus. Il allait au cours pour y répondre à l’appel, et quand il avait attesté sa présence, il décampait. Il s’était fait le raisonnement que se font la plupart des étudiants. Il réservait ses études pour le moment où il s’agirait de passer ses examens; (…) Il avait ainsi 15 mois de loisirs pour naviguer sur l’océan de Paris, pour s’y livrer à la traite des femmes, ou y pêcher la fortune.”

la vicomtesse aimait à être trompée. < Au lieu de sauter noblement par la fenêtre, elle se laissait rouler dans les escaliers >, disait la duchesse de Langeais, sa meilleure amie.”

Il lui arriva ce qui arrive à tous les hommes qui n’ont qu’une capacité relative. Sa médiocrité le sauva. (…) Le commerce de grains semblait avoir absorbé toute son intelligence.” “À lui voir conduire ses affaires, expliquer les lois sur l’exportation, sur l’importation des grains, étudier leur esprit, saisir leurs défauts, un homme l’eût jugé capable d’être ministre d’État.”

tu as dû bien souffrir en m’écrivant, car j’ai bien souffert en te lisant.”

Il a toujours été ainsi. Les moralistes ne le changeront jamais. L’homme est imparfait.”

Le coeur d’une pauvre fille malheureuse et misérable est l’éponge la plus avide à se remplir d’amour”

Si les fières aristocraties de toutes les capitales de l’Europe refusent d’admettre dans leurs rangs un millionnaire infâme, Paris lui tend les bras”

Si j’ai encore un conseil à vous donner, mon ange, c’est de ne pas plus tenir à vos opinions qu’à vos paroles. Quand on vous les demandera, vendez-les. Un homme qui se charge d’aller toujours en ligne droite, un niais qui croît à l’infaillibilité.”

L’on ne trouve pas dans les tribunaux trois juges qui aient le même avis sur un article de la loi.”

Quel physiognomoniste est plus prompt à deviner un caractère qu’un chien l’est à savoir si un inconnu l’aime ou ne l’aime pas?”

Walter Scott – A Prisão de Edimburgo

Seulement j’aime mieux mes filles que Dieu n’aime le monde, parce que le monde n’est pas si beau que Dieu, et que mes filles sont plus belles que moi.”

Napoléon ne dînait par 2 fois, et ne pouvait pas avoir plus de mâitresses qu’en prend un étudiant en médecine quand il est interne aux Capucins.” Axl Rose talvez fosse mais que Napoleão ou um estudante de medicina, mas teve que pagar com seu futuro de toneladas de porco.

Si les mélancoliques ont besoin du tonique des coquetteries, peut-être les gens nerveux ou sanguins décampent-ils si la résistence dure trop.”

Les chaînes d’or sont les plus pesantes.”

196: o jogador!

l’âme na lama

o ama, lhama

ou o dêixa, guêixa!

Mêler l’argent aux sentiments, n’est-ce pas horrible?”

Eugène, suivi de tous les spectateurs, demande sans vergogne où il faut mettre l’enjeu [em quem se deve apostar].”

Por que temos que entrar sempre em Discórdia? Não podemos nos fundir?

je connais, je puis (peux).

les taenias du remords”

Les jeunes gens sont soumis presque tous à une loi em apparence inexplicable, mais dont la raison vient de leur jeunesse même (…) Riches ou pauvres, ils n’ont jamais d’argent pour les nécessités de la vie, tandis qu’ils en trouvent toujours pour leurs caprices. Prodigues de tout ce qui s’obtient à crédit, ils sont avares de tout ce qui se paye à l’instant même, et semblent se venger de ce qu’ils n’ont pas, en dissipant tout ce qu’ils peuvent avoir.”

Était-ce en elle un calcul? Non; les femmes sont toujours vraies, même au milieu de leurs plus grandes faussetés, parce qu’elles cédent à quelque sentiment naturel.”

Superstitieux comme la plupart des hommes dont le chemin est à faire et qui sont plus ou moins fatalistes, il voulut voir dans son bonheur une récompense du ciel pour sa persévérance à rester dans le bon chemin.”

Qui a bu boira”

Jean-Baptiste Vial – Les deux Jaloux (1813) (Ópera Bufa) [já nos favoritos]

Sua bebedeira faz seu elogio.”

Paris est Paris! voyez-vous? Ce mot explique ma vie.”

N’y a-t-il pas des duels tous les matins à Paris?”

La mort nous prend sans nous consulter. Les jeunes gens s’en vont souvent avant les vieux. Nous sommes heureuses, nous autres femmes, de n’être pas sujette au duel; mais nous avons d’autres maladies que n’ont pas les hommes. Nous faisons les enfants, et le mal de mère dure longtemps!”

Jeune homme, le bien nous vient en dormant. § Et il tomba roide mort.”

La veille de la vieille. La vieille de la veille.

On dit qu’ils sont tout bons ou tout mauvais, les rouges! Il serait donc bon, lui?”

Il est besoin d’admettre la qualité de cet’oeuvre-là!

L’amour est une religion, et son culte doit coûter plus cher que celui de toutes les autres religions” Fiel por pouco tempo! Hoje um persecuté da diáspora!

il s’abandona donc pendant la route à ces jolis rêves que font tous les jeunes gens quand ils ont encore sur les lèvres le goût du bonheur.”

Les pères devraient vivre autant que leurs enfants. Mon dieu, comme ton monde est mal arrangé!”

Crève, crève comme un chien, un chien ne se conduirait pas ainsi! Oh! ma tête! elle bout!”

Que faites-vous donc, mon ami? A peine aimée, serais-je déjà négligée?”

Pour les uns c’est une même note, pour les autres c’est l’infini de la musique!”

Leur passion bien préparée avait grandi par ce qui tue les passions, par la jouissance.”

l’amour n’est peut-être que la reconnaissance du plaisir.”

Un des privilèges de la bonne ville de Paris, c’est qu’on peut y naître, y vivre, y mourir sans que personne fasse attention à vous.”

* * *


Puis, pendant plus d’un an, en 1813-1814, atteint de troubles et d’une espèce d’héb[étude] qu’on attribue à un abus de lecture, il demeure dans sa famille, au repos.” Balzac tinha então 14-15 anos.

A primeira ficção de B., aos 21, é um completo fiasco: “Soumise à plusieurs juges successifs l’oeuvre est uniformément estimée détestable” Cromwell – tragédia em versos / 5 atos.

cette table est détestable!

Não confie em prognósticos precoces: “Andrieux, aimable écrivain, ami de la famille, professeur au Collège de France et académicien, conclut que l’auteur peut tenter sa chance dans n’importe quelle voie, hormis la littérature.”

Il rêvera même de faire fortune en y acclimatant la culture de l’ananas. Ses projets assez grandioses lui coûteront, fort cher et ne lui amèneront que des déboires. Liquidation longue et onéreuse em 1840-1841.” L.-F. Céline: paródia?

Certains jours, il reste 20 heures à sa table; et, avant même d’avoir fini de l’écrire, il donne son roman à imprimer.” “Entre ces différentes éditions, Balzac apporta de nombreuses corrections qui porteront ainsi, par exemple, de 23 à la cinquantaine le nombre de personnages reparaissant dans le roman.”

Chacun triomphe comme il peut, les impuissants seuls ne triomphent jamais.”

Romans posthumes, Le Député d’Arcis et Les Petits Bourgeois, restés inachevés, et terminés, avec une désinvolture confondante, par Charles Rabou agréé par le veuve, paraissent respectivement em 1854 et 1856.”

THE FLOOD – A Epopéia de Gilgamesh

Speiser in(undação): Isaac Mendelsohn

Rôu, rôu, rôu, a renArca de Noel 2.0 (planeta dos paramacacos)

A época em que não adianta chorar (talvez, sim, para o curso das desgraças e hecatombes acelerar)

Fight Water With Water


Guerra Mundial W

Reed-hut [choupana de junco], reed-hut! Wall! Wall!

Reed-hut, hearken! Wall, reflect!

Man of Shuruppak (Utnapishtim), son of Ubar-Tutu,

Tear down (this) house, build a ship!

Give up possessions, seek thou life.

Despise property and keep the soul alive.

Aboard the ship take thou the seed of all living things.

The ship that thou shalt build,

Her dimensions shall be to measure.

Equal shall be her width and her length.

Like the Apsu (subterranean waters) thou shalt ceil her.”

Apsu, a escuridão primeva do oceano cósmico…

Apsu Purple Dromeda

The Drone Wars

Ten dozen cubits the height of each of her walls,”

240 metros


Bullocks I slaughtered for the people,

And I killed sheep every day.

Must, red wine, oil, and white wine

I gave the workmen to drink, as though river water,

That they might feast as on New Year’s Day…

On the seventh day the ship was completed.”

Whatever I had I laded upon her;

Whatever I had of silver I laded upon her;

Whatever I had of gold I laded upon her;”

E o que foi que houve com o “despise property”?

He who orders unease at night showers down a rain of blight.”

Adad (god of storm and rain) thunders”

O Pai anti-dadaísta

Dez dilúvios numa noite só, que Maravilha!

Nós louvamos você!

Cavalo Marinho Cavalo Celeste

O que está sucedendo?

Não estou entendendo!

Mas que p…

…raga chuva de pragas que o azul rasga

Erragal (Nergal, the god of the netherworld)”

E isto que com lagar subindo pelas paredes a tixa eu labuto

piso a uva faço o vinho doce, sem desgosto

gelo os ânimos

congelo as iras

cortejo os anjos

apanho a realidade pelas franjas

Os pintos vão cair

as flores vão brochar

The dikes r gonna fall

and break (brake) the c(o)urse

against Evil


O dyke dyke Deusa Dyke

É verdade eu não minto!

É verde o fusca

o abacate

e o eucalipto

1001 açoites com o báculo

Pallas Atena orgia meio-incestuosa

Oh fake virgin,

U ‘nded

For one day the south-storm blew,

Gathering speed as it blew, submerging the mountains,

Overtaking the people like a battle.

No one can see his fellow”

Choveu choveu

pelas fendas do Cruzeiro do Sul

Chuveiro dos Chuveiros

The gods cowered like dogs

Crouched against the outer wall.

Ishtar cried out like a woman in travail,

The sweet-voiced mistress of the gods moans aloud:

<The olden days are alas turned to clay,

Because I bespoke evil in the Assembly of the gods,

How could I bespeak evil in the Assembly of the gods (…)>”

In each of fourteen (regions)

There emerged a region (-mountain).”

O suposto monte onde descansou a arca, de menos de 3 mil metros de altitude.

O que é aquilo caindo

se precipitando mais rápido do que

um amante adolescente?

É um avião, é aquele Homão?

Não, nem é gente

nem muito menos detergente

É a Nau, Arca mágica

de Deucalião

O Dilúvio é o Líquido Amniótico

Ora bolas!

Claro que é,

Que foi,


Tragédia Épica







Ânimo ou não Ânimo

Eis a falta de questão


Mas já nasci pecado

Ó polícia

Será que me pecaram

The dove went forth, but came back;

There was no resting place for it and she turned round.”


swallow swell in the darkness

drown drag

in the endless hell


The Raven


into a Wolverine

Mutating mute Titan

O Man of Ice

melted sacrifice

A Cow do Pe. Nalte

Deixa a Marca

The Brand

of The Inhuman


Seven and seven cult-vessels I set up

Upon their plate-stands I heaped cane, cedarwood, and myrtle.

The gods smelled the savour,

The gods smelled the sweet savour,

The gods crowded like flies about the sacrificer.”

Acre se faz, acre se paga

Extensão do território do ódio e da vingança

Um tratado secular

Antes tarde do que nunca

cagão que perdeu no discurso

de antemão


Urubu Urubu,

Praga já é Tu!

Seque Minha Úmida Ascensão

Dias de Paz


Dias de Lúcifer


Ó Aprenda


Esta é a prenda

Por Cultivar

Seu Orgulho

Que se vê que assoma

de telescópio

por aí

Sim, Suba, Subaru!

Torna-te Aquilo que tu S


Would that a lion had risen up to diminish mankind!

Would that a wolf had risen up to diminish mankind!

Would that pestilence had risen up to smite down mankind!”



Fucking Finger

Thick Thing

The Thug

Ea, deus dos deuses:

I let Atrahasis (<Exceedingly wise,> an epithet of Utnapishtim) see a dream,

And he perceived the secret of the gods.”

A profecia

Sempre vem

Estranha semelhança


Logo nós,


Os tensos,

Peripatéticos da Alma?

O Despiser!

THE REPORT OF PONTIUS PILATE, Procurator of Judaea, Sent to Rome to Tiberius Caesar (in the 2nd greek form).

awful” já teve uma conotação positiva, ou pelo menos já serviu para bajular: terrível imperador, eu suplico vossa misericórdia, etc. “Awesome monarch” pegaria muito mal.

BABOSEIRA (PLAGIADA)           DA GROSSA: “Him then Herod and Archelaus and Philip, and Annas and Caiaphas, with all the people, delivered to me to try him. And as many were exciting an insurrection against me, I ordered him to be crucified. § And when he had been crucified, there was darkness over the whole earth, the sun having been completely hidden, and the heaven appearing dark though it was day, so that the stars appeared, but had at the same time their brightness darkened, as I suppose your reverence is not ignorant of, because in all the world they lighted lamps from the sixth hour until evening. And the moon, being like blood, did not shine the whole night, and yet she happened to be at the full. And the stars also, and Orion, made a lament about the Jews, on account of the wickedness that had been done by them.”

“also what was in the abyss appeared.” Com o perdão do trocadilho, mas o abismo não é nada! The abyss is an abuse.